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You Are the Scorer: Number 36

by Joe Gray


Scenario: A fly-ball is hit between the centre fielder and the right fielder. The centre fielder calls the other player off and moves in on the ball, but just as the ball hits leather, the right fielder, who had ignored the call, smashes into the outstretched glove, knocking the ball to the ground. The umpire adjudges that no catch has been made.

How do you score the play?

A – Error by the centre fielder.
B – Error by the right fielder.
C – Error by neither player (i.e. a base hit).
D – Error by both players.

Highlight the text below to reveal the answer:

B – Error by the right fielder.

Rule 10.12(a)(1) Comment states:
The official scorer shall charge an error to a fielder who causes another fielder to misplay a ball—for example, by knocking the ball out of the other fielder’s glove. On such a play, when the official scorer charges an error to the interfering fielder, the official scorer shall not charge an error to the fielder with whom the other fielder interfered.

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