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You Are the Scorer: Number 42

by Joe Gray


Scenario: There are two outs and a runner on second. The batter lays down a bunt, which the catcher scuttles forwards to field, firing a throw to first base. The fielder at the bag drops the ball, though, and the batter-runner reaches safely. The runner on second moves across to third during the play.

As the official scorer, you score an error on the first baseman, but do you give the batter a sacrifice bunt or charge a time at bat?

A – Sacrifice bunt.
B – At-bat.

Highlight the text below to reveal the answer:

B – At-bat.

Rule 10.08(a) states:
Score a sacrifice bunt when, before two are out, the batter advances one or more runners with a bunt and is put out at first base, or would have been put out except for a fielding error.

Since there were two outs, a sacrifice bunt cannot be awarded. While this may seem obvious, it is possible that a scorer might not take note of the outs and erroneously award a sacrifice bunt in this situation.

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