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You Are the Scorer: Number 49

by Joe Gray


Scenario: The visitors hold a 2-1 lead and the team’s starter has two outs in the bottom of the ninth and is yet to concede a hit. However, the next batter up lines the first pitch right back at the mound, and the ball deflects off the pitcher’s knee into the outfield. The batter-runner slides into second base and is called safe, and you pencil in a double on your scoresheet. The pitcher needs medical attention and is relieved by a lefty, who had been warming up in the bullpen. The first thing the reliever does is to throw the ball to the first baseman for an appeal. The runner at second is called out for missing the base, and the game is over.

As the official scorer, do you credit the starter with a no-hitter?

A – Yes.
B – No.

Highlight the text below to reveal the answer:

Answer: B – No.

Rule 10.02(c)(1) Comment states:
If a relief pitcher enters a game and his team initiates a successful appeal play that results in one out, the officer scorer shall credit such relief pitcher with â…“ of an inning pitched.

Thus, while the hit is nullified, the starter is not given a complete game and therefore cannot be awarded a no-hitter. Instead, it would go down as a combined no-hitter.

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Jared Butterworth November 4, 2009 - 11:52 pm

no you need a CG to have a no-hitter


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