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MLB Championship Series schedule

by Matt Smith

MLBLogoThe Championship Series stage of the postseason begins today.  In the NLCS, the Philadelphia Phillies continue their bid to retain their World Series crown against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.  The Los Angeles Angels and New York Yankees get their ALCS started tomorrow at the new Yankee Stadium.

There are two guaranteed early games in the schedule.  Game two of the NLCS on Friday begins at 21.07 BST, while first pitch in the third game of the ALCS next Monday (19th) is scheduled for 21.13 BST.  There is a third possible early game scheduled for a week on Saturday (24th), but it will only be played at that time if the NLCS goes to a seventh game. If the NLCS has been decided already then the ALCS game six will move to the primetime slot. Add that to the list of reasons why we should all hope for two long series after an exciting, but relatively brief, divisional series round. 

The full LCS schedule is listed below with all times in British Summer Time.  Whenever I provide a list of ‘late’ games, I always wonder quite how best to do it.  Game One of the NLCS will be referred to by everyone else as being played today, although in effect it starts on Friday for us.  Hopefully the following approach makes sense.

Thursday 15 Oct.
NLCS Game 1, Phillies @ Dodgers, (01.07 Friday morning)

Friday 16 Oct.
NLCS Game 2, Phillies @ Dodgers, 21.07
ALCS Game 1, Angels @ Yankees, 00.57 (Saturday morning)

Saturday 17 Oct.
ALCS Game 2, Angels @ Yankees, 00.57 (Sunday morning)

Sunday 18 Oct.
NLCS Game 3, Dodgers @ Phillies, (01.07 Monday morning)

Monday 19 Oct.
ALCS Game 3, Yankees @ Angels, 21.13
NLCS Game 4, Dodgers @ Phillies, 01.07 (Tuesday morning)

Tuesday 20 Oct. 
ALCS Game 4, Yankees @ Angels, 00.57 (Wednesday morning)

Wednesday 21 Oct.
NLCS Game 5, Dodgers @ Phillies, 01.07 (Thursday morning)*

Thursday 22 Oct.
ALCS Game 5, Yankees @ Angels, 00.57 (Friday morning)*

Friday 23 Oct.
NLCS Game 6, Phillies @ Dodgers, 01.07 (Saturday morning)*

Saturday 24 Oct.
ALCS Game 6, Angels @ Yankees, 21.13*^
NLCS Game 7, Phillies @ Dodgers, 01.07 (Sunday morning)*

Sunday 25 Oct.
ALCS Game 7, Angels @ Yankees, 01.20 (Monday morning)*

* = if necessary
^ = will be moved to 01.07 if the NLCS has already been decided

TBS’s divsional series coverage has come in for some criticism and they could undoubtedly do with raising their game for the NLCS.  FOX will be covering the ALCS.

I will resist the urge to provide a prediction on who will make it through to the World Series.  My recent support for the Rockies and Twins has doomed them both, the A’s had a lacklustre year and my prediction back before the season began – a Red Sox-Mets Fall Classic – has well and truly fallen apart (Joe’s prediction of an all L.A. World Series is looking good though). 

So I won’t pick anyone from here just in case I get accused of jinxing them.  Good luck to all four teams.

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Chico October 16, 2009 - 8:40 pm

If I may, here is my prediction: Angels vs. Phillies. I would love to see an all LA series though. The Yankees are the predicable pick and are loaded with talent. The Angels are ready to win the whole thing. WS Champion: Angels.


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