You Are the Scorer: Number 50


Scenario: With the home team leading 13-1 after 6 innings, the starting pitcher switches places with the right fielder to preserve the moundsman’s arm. The right fielder gives up 9 runs in the next 2 innings, though, so the starter is brought back to the mound to pitch the top of the ninth. With the home team now leading 13-10, he strikes out the side in order to close out the game.

As the official scorer you give the starter the win, as all of the rulebook’s criteria are met, but do you also award a save?

A – Yes.
B – No.

Highlight the text below to reveal the answer:

Answer: B – No.

Rule 10.19(b) states:
[The official scorer shall credit a pitcher with a save when] He is not the winning pitcher.

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