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Early games on Wednesday and Thursday

by Matt Smith

Just the seven early games to enjoy live during the British evening this week.  There are no early games on Monday, Tuesday or Friday, but there are six games to choose from on Wednesday and a game between the Royals and the Twins on Thursday.  All times are listed in BST. 

Monday 8 September – No early games today.  Later on, we have the first game of what could be a crucial series in the AL East.  The Rays head to Fenway to take on the Red Sox, with Edwin Jackson and Jon Lester on the mound (00.05).  Meanwhile the D-Backs are looking to get themselves back on track against the Giants.  Unfortunately for them, they’ve got to face Tim Lincecum (03.15).

Tuesday 9 September – No early games again.  In the Rays-Red Sox series, it’s the small matter of a pitching clash between Scott Kazmir and Daisuke Matsuzaka (00.05), while the Cubs and the Cardinals begin a three-game series at Busch Stadium with Ryan Dempster and Kyle Lohse set to start (01.15).

Wednesday 10 September – This is more like it: six early games today.  We start in Detroit at 18.05, where the A’s take on the Tigers.  Sean Gallagher should return from the DL for Oakland, while Armando Galarraga looks to continue his impressive season for Detroit.  An hour later, CC Sabathia is the scheduled starter for the Brewers as they face Bronson Arroyo and the Reds.  At 20.35, the Yankees continue their series against the Angels by sending Andy Pettitte to the mound against Ervin Santana.  Ten minutes later, Dan Haren tries to find his early season form as the D-Backs take on the Giants.  There’s a game from the NL East at 21.05 between the Marlins and the Phillies, and the final early game comes from the AL West as the Rangers face the Mariners from 21.40.

Thursday 11 September – Just the one early game today, but it should be worth watching if the Twins’ starting rotation has followed its normal course.  Francisco Liriano is currently the scheduled starter for Minnesota as they take on Brandon Duckworth and the Royals.

Friday 12 September – No early games to end the working week.  This weekend’s major series include: the Brewers versus the Phillies, the Rays versus the Yankees, the Blue Jays versus the Red Sox, the Braves versus the Mets, the Cubs versus the Astros, the Tigers versus the White Sox, the Dodgers versus the Rockies,  and the Reds versus the D-Backs.

The Wednesday night game on Five begins at 01.25, while NASN’s MLB schedule for the week can be found here.

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