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Web pick of the week: Josh Chetwynd on Planet Hardball

by Matt Smith

Web-PickThis week’s web pick sees the return of a familiar face, or at least the return of a familiar voice, to British baseball fans.  Josh Chetywnd was part of the excellent team that brought us ‘Baseball on Five’, which continues to be greatly missed.  Sadly, MLB’s return to terrestrial TV in the UK doesn’t appear to be imminent and Josh would play a minimal part in the coverage in any case as he has now returned to the States with his family.

However, Josh’s interest in European baseball, fuelled by his time in British baseball (with the national team and in the domestic leagues) and a season with a semi-pro team in Sweden, has not diminished.  He created a system to rank European club teams several years ago and he publishes the rankings at Mister-Baseball.com, refining the system each year.  Josh was invited on to the latest episode of the Planet Hardball podcast to talk about the 2009 season rankings, passing on lots of useful information about the state of baseball in Europe in the process.

You can get to the podcast via the relevant blog post on Planet Hardball.  Incidentally, this is a relatively new website “dedicated to raising awareness of baseball being played around the world”.  Definitely one to add to your bookmarks or RSS feed reader.

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