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Fantasy draft reaction: part two

by Mark George
Here’s part two of the BaseballGB fantasy draft round-up. It’s usually around this point that managers rely less on the Yahoo list of player rankings and start to fill in the gaps remaining on their roster.
Round 11
1. Francisco Cordero Beck ‘nams (GB)
2. Mike Napoli Boston Rogue…
3. Stephen Strasburg Pretzel Vendors
4. Jason Heyward Iron Men
5. Geovany Soto SWAT*
6. Ryan Ludwick Borders Bats
7. Trevor Hoffman stevenston a…
8. Carlos González Weston-Super…
9. Chris Coghlan New Spaniards
10. Neftali Feliz The Cheddar …
11. Marco Scutaro Bonestalkers
12. Billy Wagner The Wright S…
13. Julio Borbón Grip it n Ri…
14. Huston Street Orpington Is…
The second half of the draft started with Beck’nams taking their first closer in Cordero, who may put a few managers off with his ERA and WHIP, but usually racks up plenty of saves, so a good pick for JJ here.
This round saw two rookie phenoms selected back to back as Strasburg went to Pretzel Vendors, who will hope he isn’t in the minors for long.
The next pick was even more surprising, as Iron Men went for Atlanta rookie Jason Heyward.
I love what I have seen of Heyward so far this spring, and expect him to break camp with the Braves. I had him in the back of my mind for a late pick in this draft, but seeing him go in round 11 was a shock.
A couple of other talented outfielders in Coghlan and Carlos Gonzalez were also drafted here. I think Marco Scutaro is a reach for Bonestalkers here, as I’m not convinced he will repeat last year’s numbers.
After seeing Cordero, Hoffman and Wagner go, I decided to get my second closer in Huston Street. He is a slight injury risk and may miss the start of the season, but I felt he was still a good option at this point in the draft. 
Round 12
1. José López Orpington Is…
2. James Shields Grip it n Ri…
3. Stephen Drew The Wright S…
4. Miguel Montero Bonestalkers
5. Plácido Polanco The Cheddar …
6. Matt Thornton New Spaniards
7. Randy Wolf Weston-Super…
8. Carlos Zambrano stevenston a…
9. Ben Sheets Borders Bats
10. Alexei Ramírez SWAT*
11. Kurt Suzuki Iron Men
12. Mark Buehrle Pretzel Vendors
13. Jorge Cantú Boston Rogue…
14. Ryan Theriot Beck ‘nams (GB)
I still had holes to fill at 2B and 3B and knew I needed to do something about it. I’ve never been a big Jose Lopez fan, but his power at 2B was hard to ignore here, so I opted to take him. He is alao eligible at 1B and could end up at 3B this season too.
Nice picks by The Wright Stuff and Bonestalkers saw a pair of D-Backs in Drew and Montero go back to back, while Borders Bats took a gamble on Ben Sheets.
I like SWAT’s pick of Alexei Ramirez a lot, while Kurt Suzuki is a good C option for Iron Men.
Round 13
1. David Aardsma Beck ‘nams (GB)
2. Carlos Beltrán Boston Rogue…
3. David Price Pretzel Vendors
4. Chad Qualls Iron Men
5. Hiroki Kuroda SWAT*
6. Michael Cuddyer Borders Bats
7. Brad Hawpe stevenston a…
8. Edwin Jackson Weston-Super…
9. Joba Chamberlain New Spaniards
10. Jorge De La Rosa The Cheddar …
11. J.P. Howell Bonestalkers
12. Max Scherzer The Wright S…
13. Chipper Jones Grip it n Ri…
14. Bengie Molina Orpington Is…
Beck’nams grabbed their second closer with aardsma, while the newly-named Boston Rogue Waves (was Ferocious Stoics) gambled on Carlos Beltran which is well worth doing in round 13.
Pretzel Vendors took a promising arm in David Price in a round which also saw Edwin Jackson, Joba Chamberlain and Max Scherzer picked.
I still needed a catcher, and with options starting to dry up, I opted for Bengie Molina’s 20HR potential.
Round 14
1. Brandon Webb Orpington Is…
2. Rafael Furcal Grip it n Ri…
3. Carlos Quentin The Wright S…
4. Hideki Matsui Bonestalkers
5. Mike González The Cheddar …
6. David Ortiz New Spaniards
7. Mark DeRosa Weston-Super…
8. A.J. Pierzynski stevenston a…
9. Mark Lowe Borders Bats
10. Colby Rasmus SWAT*
11. Rick Porcello Iron Men
12. Brad Lidge Pretzel Vendors
13. Martín Prado Boston Rogue…
14. Kevin Correia Beck ‘nams (GB)
This round saw a few more injury gambles, which I began by taking Brandon Webb. I’m not sure when Webb will be back healthy, and I’m not expecting him to be ready for opening day, but if he is anything close to past form, he’s worth a round 14 gamble here.
Grip It N Rip It are hoping for a healthy season from Rafael Furcal, while the next two picks, Quentin and Matsui, are also coming back from injuries. Brad Lidge somehow managed to hang on to his closing role in Philly last year, and Pretzel Vendors are hoping it stays that way.
Mike Gonzalez is a nice pick for The Cheddar Chasers, and Martin Prado’s versatility should help the Rogue Waves.
Round 15
1. Juan Rivera Beck ‘nams (GB)
2. Mark Teahen Boston Rogue…
3. Nelson Figueroa Pretzel Vendors
4. Ryan Madson Iron Men
5. Jay Bruce SWAT*
6. Ryan Franklin Borders Bats
7. Álex Ríos stevenston a…
8. Nyjer Morgan Weston-Super…
9. Jamie Moyer New Spaniards
10. Ryan Doumit The Cheddar …
11. Clayton Richard Bonestalkers
12. Alfonso Soriano The Wright S…
13. Leo Núñez Grip it n Ri…
14. Jeff Niemann Orpington Is…
The Rogue Waves added more versatlity with Mark Teahen in round 15, while SWAT followed up the Colby Rasmus pick with another young OF in Jay Bruce.
More CFs went in Rios and Morgan while The Wright Stuff took a punt on Alfonso Soriano, while is well worth it at this point in the draft.
Ryan Franklin and Leo Nunez are good closer options this late.
After gambling with Webb, I decided to take a healthy starter, adding Tampa’s promising Jeff Niemann who I really liked when I saw him pitch last season.
Round 16
1. Franklin Morales Orpington Is…
2. Howie Kendrick Grip it n Ri…
3. Kevin Slowey The Wright S…
4. Todd Helton Bonestalkers
5. Scott Kazmir The Cheddar …
6. Maicer Izturis New Spaniards
7. Michael Wuertz Weston-Super…
8. Adam LaRoche stevenston a…
9. J.D. Drew Borders Bats
10. Drew Stubbs SWAT*
11. Chris Davis Iron Men
12. Ted Lilly Pretzel Vendors
13. Nolan Reimold Boston Rogue…
14. Fernando Rodney Beck ‘nams (GB)
I still needed a 3B, but with Street’s injury a potential problem for my team, I took Franklin Morales here who should fill in for Street and provide holds when he’s not closing.
Grip It N Rip It are hoping this is the year Howie Kendrick puts all his talent together while Kazmir is worth a shot this late for The Cheddar Chasers.
SWAT added another young OF in Drew Stubbs, while a personal favourite in Nolan Reimold went to the Rogue Waves.
Iron Men made me regret taking Morales a little earlier than I normally would, taking one of the 3B options I had my eye on in Chris Davis.
Round 17
1. Fernando Martinez Beck ‘nams (GB)
2. Mike Adams Boston Rogue…
3. Orlando Hudson Pretzel Vendors
4. Francisco Liriano Iron Men
5. Brian Matusz SWAT*
6. Clint Barmes Borders Bats
7. Skip Schumaker stevenston a…
8. Adrián Béltre Weston-Super…
9. Andy Pettitte New Spaniards
10. Jhonny Peralta The Cheddar …
11. Alberto Callaspo Bonestalkers
12. Ervin Santana The Wright S…
13. Vladimir Guerrero Grip it n Ri…
14. Tim Hudson Orpington Is…
Iron Men made another nice pick here, grabbing Liriano who looks back to his best and could end up closing on Joe Nathan’s absence.
Borders Bats got some nice power at 2B/SS in Barmes, while my next two 3B options in Beltre and Peralta vanished before I could pick again.
With the rest of the 3B pack now much of a muchness, I opted to add another starter instead with Tim Hudson, who I think is good value in round 17.
Round 18
1. Garrett Jones Orpington Is…
2. James Loney Grip it n Ri…
3. Frank Francisco The Wright S…
4. Randy Wells Bonestalkers
5. Rich Harden The Cheddar …
6. Hideki Okajima New Spaniards
7. Kenshin Kawakami Weston-Super…
8. Jonathan Sánchez stevenston a…
9. Ryan Rowland-Smith Borders Bats
10. Chris Pérez SWAT*
11. Bobby Jenks Iron Men
12. Orlando Cabrera Pretzel Vendors
13. Corey Hart Boston Rogue…
14. Kevin Gregg Beck ‘nams (GB)

 I still needed to fill 3B and UT, so opted to take Garrett Jones’ power potential here. The fact he is eligible at 1B and OF is handy too.

It was a surprise to see so many closers still available here, as Francisco, Perez (who will close while Kerry Wood is out), Jenks and Gregg all going in this round.

The Cheddar Chasers took Harden, which is worth the injury risk this late.

Round 19
1. Bronson Arroyo Beck ‘nams (GB)
2. Darren O’Day Boston Rogue…
3. Jermaine Dye Pretzel Vendors
4. Daniel Bard Iron Men
5. George Sherrill SWAT*
6. Justin Duchscherer Borders Bats
7. Jon Rauch stevenston a…
8. Vernon Wells Weston-Super…
9. Luis Castillo New Spaniards
10. Matt Guerrier The Cheddar …
11. David DeJesús Bonestalkers
12. Jason Motte The Wright S…
13. Rajai Davis Grip it n Ri…
14. Casey McGehee Orpington Is…

Just two rounds to go, so no surprise to see relievers who could get holds going here – O’Day, Bard, Sherrill, Rauch, Guerrier and Motte all went here, while Vernon Wells is a decent choice for Weston-Super-Sox.

Still needing a 3B, I gambled on McGehee being able to produce again over a full season.

Round 20
1. Aroldis Chapman Orpington Is…
2. Erick Aybar Grip it n Ri…
3. Chris Iannetta The Wright S…
4. Cristian Guzmán Bonestalkers
5. Joe Blanton The Cheddar …
6. Ken Griffey Jr. New Spaniards
7. Freddy Sánchez Weston-Super…
8. Derek Lowe stevenston a…
9. Milton Bradley Borders Bats
10. Matt Capps SWAT*
11. Chris Young Iron Men
12. Johnny Cueto Pretzel Vendors
13. Clay Buchholz Boston Rogue…
14. Paul Konerko Beck ‘nams (GB)

Usually with my last pick I will try to add a bench hitter, but knowing Street and Webb could both go on the DL, I thought I would wait to grab an extra bat until then.

I opted to roll the die on Aroldis Chapman, who should be in the Reds’ rotation before too long if he doesn’t start the season with them.

There is the fear Dusty Baker will pitch him until his arm falls off, but even if Chapman is a bust, I won’t lose much sleep over dropping a round 20 pick.

Aybar and Iannetta are nice picks here, while Chris Young (the Arizona OF) is worth a shot.

The Rogue Waves couldn’t resist Clay Buchholz and Beck’nams ended the drafted by picking Konerko, both very good picks.

So, with the draft over, my team looks like this:

Orpington Isotopes
1. (14) Miguel Cabrera
2. (15) Troy Tulowitzki
3. (42) Jayson Werth
4. (43) Dan Haren
5. (70) Andre Ethier
6. (71) Adam Dunn
7. (98) Matt Cain
8. (99) Chad Billingsley
9. (126) Francisco Rodríguez
10. (127) Jake Peavy
11. (154) Huston Street
12. (155) José López
13. (182) Bengie Molina
14. (183) Brandon Webb
15. (210) Jeff Niemann
16. (211) Franklin Morales
17. (238) Tim Hudson
18. (239) Garrett Jones
19. (266) Casey McGehee
20. (267) Aroldis Chapman

On reflection, considering I was picking last, I am very happy with my team. I like the combination of hitters I drafted early and think the pitching staff might well be the best I have ever drafted.

In hindsight I should have waited longer before taking Franklin Morales and gone for Chris Davis instead, but I’ll soon forget about it if McGehee produces.

Here are my brief summaries of the other teams:

Weston-Super-Sox – Powerful infield and athletic outfield. Rotation looks pretty good but saves and holds look a weakness.

Bonestalkers – Power at the corners and a nice outfield. 2B a weakness and pitching staff needs more depth.

Stevenston Angels – Pretty nice balance of power and speed and a really nice infield. Rotation looks pretty good, although it’s a little risky having Sanchez, Nolasco and Zambrano on the same team.

Iron Men – Batting average may be a problem here, but power and speed shouldn’t be. Two top starters, two good closers but rotation could use an extra arm or two.

The Cheddar Chasers – Plenty of speed here plus a very nice outfield. Lack of power at 2B and 3B may be an issue. Rotation is deep, but could use more relief help.

The Wright Stuff – One of the best overall hitting lineups to come out of the draft plus two top starters and three closers. Tough to beat.

Borders Bats – Offense packed with RBI guys. Only one 30+ HR guys from last year, but lots of 20-25HR potential here. Two top starters and a strong bullpen. Could use an extra arm to fill out the rotation.

New Spaniards – May have hurt himself with his early Yankee picks, but if you are going after one team’s players, the Yankees aren’t a bad team to pick. Could use a little more power and saves could be a problem.

Boston Rogue Waves – Pretty deep lineup, but could use a true thumper in the UT spot. Love the top two starters and a strong bullpen. Maybe another SP might be needed.

Grip It N Rip It – Needs to fill out pitching staff but has an ace and two closers so it’s not too much of a problem. Could use a touch more HR power.

Pretzel Vendors – Love the speed and power of the outfield and the infield’s not bad either. The pitching staff is a concern as there’s no clear ace and only one closer.

SWAT – Last year’s champions look strong again. Good infield, but the OF/UT gambles on young players might make or break the season. Pitching staff has plenty of upside but no clear ace.

Beck’nams (GB) – Will be tough to beat in R, SB and AVG but could use another slugger. Great top two in the rotations and the bullpen should have no problems getting the job done.

Overall, I would say The Wright Stuff and Swat are the two teams who strike me as having drafted the best, but I think everyone can feel pretty good about their chances this year.

All fantasy teams have their strengths and weaknesses, and it’s not too long until we get to see how they do.

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Thomas Ogilvie (Border Bats) March 22, 2010 - 6:45 pm

Great summary! It’s nice to read another take on the draft. I agree that this year’s teams look tremendous and the competition will surely be fierce. Last year didn’t see a huge number of trades – that’s one aspect I hope we see a bit more of. Anybody want to trade a starter or some speed for some power/RBIs?

Steve Keene March 22, 2010 - 6:58 pm

Great write-up Mark. The later rounds were perhaps where auto-drafting showed its limitations, and I may have picked a little differently if I’d been an active drafter. Still, all in all, I’m pretty happy, and think with a little trading and a little raiding of the free agent market, I think I should be able to get a reasonable roster.

Pitching clearly is something that needs addressing, but I think taking a gamble on the likes of Bedard and Price later in the draft could work out well – and my strategy was to focus on speed and power and then gamble on pitchers. Lidge may be my one closer, but I’m happy with him, and happy to take my chances on lesser known closers in the season – plenty of reasonable starters emerge from the free agents list as the season develops, while many ‘name’ closers can get bombed pretty quickly. Or so I hope.

Let battle commence!

peter March 22, 2010 - 7:06 pm

great read mark cant wait now for the season to start now

Matt Smith March 22, 2010 - 7:41 pm

Great job Mark. Aroldis Chapman could be a fantastic 20th round pick for you, I’m looking forward to watching him pitch again on MLB.TV later this evening.

Your comments on my team are very fair. It probably will not surprise you that I had my eyes on Jose Lopez in the 12th round to add some power to 2nd base, but you took him four picks ahead of me! Polanco seemed like a decent alternative in terms of the possible value he’ll bring by hitting near the top of a stacked Phillies lineup.

As Thomas states, a more active trade market would be good this year and I think ther already looks like some potential moves out there. Should be a fun league all the way through.

Margaret (Rogue Waves) March 22, 2010 - 10:06 pm

Not thrilled with all of my late-round picks but I’m also always big on trading…

Stew (Iron Men March 23, 2010 - 9:51 am

Loved the draft and the write up Mark, there was so much to think of and its obvious this will be very competitive. Cant wait for the season to start!

kev robson (Weston-super-sox) March 23, 2010 - 10:36 am

Thanks for the great round-up mark. The draft was loads of fun a lot of my picks were done on the fly couldn’t believe how many of my targets went just before I was going to draft them (curse you beck’nams and bonestalkers!) if there’s a lesson to be learnt it’s preparation preparation preparation! Really great draft breakdown and useful to get a subjective take on my team and although I look a bit weak in certain areas overall I’m pretty pleased especially with my rotation and just glad I haven’t totally made a complete fool of myself in my first ever try at fantasy baseball! Roll on the start of the season and good luck everyone!

Mark George March 23, 2010 - 11:40 am

Thanks for the feedback. I agree about the lack of trades in last year’s league – it would be nice to see some more this year but I know from experience newer fantasy managers can get attached to guys they drafted and be reluctant to trade them.
The league homepage makes it very easy to make trade offers, and managers can make counter offers in return, which is good fun.
Hopefully we will see some trades during the course of the season.


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