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Web pick of the week: Sports Illustrated and Bryce Harper

by Matt Smith

Web-PickThe Washington Nationals selected 17 year old Bryce Harper as the number one pick in this year’s amateur draft on Monday. 

Harper’s freakish ability has been discussed with childlike glee by scouts and prospect experts for months and, quite frankly, you could almost complain that Harper took the fun out of the draft.  Just like last year, there was no doubt whatsoever as to which player the Nationals were going to pick.

Judging by the instant impact that their 2009 selection had on his debut on Tuesday night, I doubt Washington are too concerned about that.

It’s easy to dismiss the comments about Harper as mere hype, but  Stephen Strasburg proved in one start that even hype of the greatest magnitude can turn out to be fully deserved.  The hype truly began in June last year, when Sports Illustrated put Harper on their front cover crowning him as ‘Baseball’s Chosen One’ and comparing him to basketball star LeBron James.  Tom Verducci’s article made even casual baseball fans aware of who Harper is and it’s well worth a read.

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