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Game Four (National Anthem) preview

by Matt Smith

As if game four of the World Series isn’t exciting enough on its own, the pre-game “entertainment” tonight should be a real treat.

Tonight, for your listening pleasure, we get to hear a father-daughter duet of the U.S. National Anthem. It’s not Frank and Nancy Sinatra (although I’m sure with today’s technology they could overcome the slight problem of Frank’s “deadness”). It’s not Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones (they are father and daughter aren’t they?).

No, this is the World Series for crying out loud. We need the big-hitters for this job. I give you:

Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter Miley Cyrus.

Oh yes, that’s Mister “Achy Breaky Heart” to you and I. The one man soundtrack to a line-dancing nightmare. Let’s hope he’s still got that mullet.

As for his daughter, she is the star of the Disney Channel’s hit TV show “Hannah Montana” apparently. According to MLB’s press release:

“[the show] features Miley, who plays a regular girl named Miley Stewart, who leads a secret double life as an international rock star. Billy Ray Cyrus plays Miley Stewart’s dad and manager”.

I can’t imagine why they don’t show that on prime time terrestrial TV over here. It sounds brilliant.

I’m sure when Billy and Miley walk on to the field they will have to pinch each other to check it is really happening. I mean, how lucky can two people get? Never mind singing at the World Series. Miley just happens to get a role in a TV show for a character called Miley. Then Billy just happens to get the role of “Miley’s dad” in the same show.

As Harry Hill would say: “what are the chances of that happening?” It’s almost as if they created the programme with Billy and Miley in mind, but no one would be so bereft of ideas that they would stoop to the level of building a show around Billy Ray Cyrus and his kid, would they?! That’s Disney for you, I guess.

Anyway, enough of my negativity. I can’t wait to see how this rendition pans out and what marks Jonny and Josh give them (although to be fair there hasn’t been much competition so far – I would love to see Jonny’s face if Josh gives them a higher rating than Bob Seeger!).

Just picture the scene: hyped-up for the big game, the Stars and Stripes flying, everyone standing to attention while Billy and Miley sing their (“Achy breaky”) hearts out.

Then think of a group of pensioners down your local community centre, dressed in Stetsons and cowboy boots singing along to old Billy boy (while Reg sits in the corner sulking because they won’t play “Cotton Eyed Joe” for the twentieth time that night). I’m sure it will bring a lump to your throat.

Let’s just hope there isn’t a bloody rainout and Billy and Miley decide to do a “Cliff Richard” (i.e. lead a singalong like Cliff did at Wimbledon one year, not spending fifty-plus years releasing atrocious records – although I’m sure they could do that as well if given the chance).



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