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Game Four – Take two

by Matt Smith

Having talked-up Joel Zumaya only for him to have a nightmare in game three, raising the prospect of a rain-out last night was probably not a good idea. Fortunately for all concerned I don’t think Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter stood out in the rain and kept the crowds “happy” by singing a few numbers before the game was officially postponed.

Was that the only bit of good fortune on the night? Possibly not. The delay will give Detroit a bit of time to regroup after a poor performance in game three. Of course, if we get another rain-out tonight then the schedule for the rest of the series will change, something that will probably favour the Cards as it will allow Carpenter to pitch in game six. That is all a bit difficult to predict at the moment though; St Louis will be happy if that situation doesn’t arise if it means they have already been crowned champs.

The latest weather reports suggest that they may be able to get game four in tonight, albeit in less than ideal conditions. Albert Pujols summed up the right attitude though on MLB.com:

“I’d rather be out there playing than sitting home and watching someone else. There are no excuses. You have to go out and perform. There is no advantage to either team. This is the World series. You have to go out and play.”

I’m sure the players of the other twenty-eight teams would agree with those sentiments.

Let’s hope the predicted drizzle doesn’t turn into heavy rain and we can watch the next instalment of this year’s World Series tonight. One thing that the weather reports have highlighted is that tonight’s game is officially scheduled to start at 8.27 ET (01.27 our time). Football fans have to put up with Sky Sports (and the police) messing their kick-off times about, but at least they start at a rounded figure. Where do they get 27 minutes past from? I guess there is a reason somewhere and it’s probably tied to money. The White Sox announced earlier this month that midweek evening games next season at the Cell will start at 7.11 as they have signed a sponsorship deal with a company called 7 -Eleven (a franchise of “neighbourhood convenience stores”). Very tasteful behaviour from the soon to be former World Series champs!

Oh, and the other positive to come out of last night’s rain-out is that it gave Jonny and Josh the chance to read out a few more e-mails, including one from myself. Thanks for that guys and keep up the great work.

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