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You Are the Scorer: A forum for baseball scoring questions

by Joe Gray


Happy New Year to one and all!

You Are the Scorer started out life as a weekly scoring quiz, with a new question appearing every Friday at noon. Once the ideas started to dry up (after 50 questions), I gave the posers a rest and used the weekly post as a thread for queries instead. As it happened, some of the questions I was getting through this were more interesting than the ones I was originally posing. So the You Are the Scorer feature is now going to become more of a forum for baseball scoring questions.

To post a question, please contact me by email if you have my address or using the About > Get in contact functionality of the site if not. I’ll turn the best ones into posts for the site.

We still feel that it would be good to give you something to read every Friday lunchtime on BaseballGB, so an alternative idea we have is to offer what we think has been a web highlight of the previous week’s internet postings. It might be on Major League Baseball, international baseball, or British baseball, but whatever the topic you should always be directed to an interesting read.

To hunt through all You Are the Scorer questions, including the 50 questions that kicked the forum off, click here.

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